I contacted Faye a few months after having my first baby. I was a bit lost and tired and couldn't see things clearly in most areas of my life! There were some old patterns that kept repeating themselves and I had enough. I chose Faye because I liked her approach and her nice smile ;-) It's been one of the best decisions of my life!!!

I've enjoyed all the sessions and always looked forward to them. Faye is a very good listener, she asks spot-on questions and helped me see things from a different perspective. I felt accountable to her and was up to all the challenges she would suggest. Our conversations were interesting and fun and its the first time that I could feel that something was working.


Today I feel like I've found myself again, the real me that had gone somewhere for a while, I feel empowered, I feel legitimate, much more confident and therefore, much more at peace. And it's nice and reassuring to know that if I need, I can always contact Faye for an odd safety-net-session :-)

I would 100% recommend Life Coaching with Faye to anyone who thinks they need to improve something in their life or in their heart.

Pauline Weston


Soak Up The Wild


When I first contacted Faye, almost on a whim, I was feeling very anxious, fraught, pessimistic, devoid of confidence, and overwhelmingly stuck.  I was trying to make a very important decision about my job but finding it impossible.


Faye was entirely non-judgmental and 100% supportive of me.  She somehow helped to lift me slightly out of my immovability to the extent that I could sit up and look around a bit, and I’ve finally been able to make this important decision. 


Compared to the slough of despond I was in when we first spoke, I am now less anxious, less pessimistic, less unhappy, and very importantly, kinder to myself.  I now have much greater confidence in my beliefs about what are the right things for me to do to have a happier and healthier future, and Faye helped me to get to this position.  I can’t recommend her highly enough.

—  JANe, UK

Speaking with you has given me a chance to experience new and better days. I now feel in control of my life and trust myself to know what I need and how I can get it.


I am now looking forward to new adventures, lessons, opportunities and friendships. I’m more relaxed, thoughtful, patient and trusting with others thanks to this process.


I needed an understanding person like you to listen. Each session can change a lot! Thank you.

—  Abdi, London

Screenshot 2020-02-13 at 15.46.41.png

Faye is very perceptive, wise, strategic and focused and makes me feel enthusiastic about me. I found myself back on track and feeling excited about the opportunities available. I am now able to march on. I will definitely be back for more.

Nora Roche




I went through a very difficult year with lots of changes and I sort of lost myself and couldn't see how to move forward. I felt stuck. 


Faye helped me to see what was important to me and by talking things through with her I was able to start to move in a new direction.


I feel now that I can continue on this path, a bit scary but also exciting, and I know Faye will be there if I have a bit of a wobble on the way.

—  Jacqui, NoRFOLK

I have heard of the benefits of coaching and I have always been very hesitant to try it myself. I can say after speaking to Faye all my reservations were gone, she has a fantastic approach and is someone I felt very comfortable sharing my thoughts/feelings with. I was so impressed that I have now asked her to start coaching my staff as I felt the entire experience was fantastic and rewarding in both my work and personal life. Thanks for everything Faye!

Niraj tewani


Priority protection

Life coaching with Faye has changed my life!!

—  Rachel, London

I can't thank you enough for kick-starting me again and asking just the right questions in just the right places.


Faye has helped me so much! Whenever I have something that I feel is an obstacle preventing me from moving forward she helps me with facing it head on by asking questions that I hadn't thought of and giving me an entirely new perspective on the situation.

She has a knack for getting to the root of an issue right away. I feel a lot like she helps to clear the fog, so that you see a situation for what it is and and sets small goals for you to complete which gives your self-esteem a boost.


She is so easy to talk to, compassionate and makes you feel at ease right away. Can't recommend her enough!


I spoke to Faye during a period of upheaval and uncertainty. I'd started a new job after having a career break and becoming a mother. My desire to balance a working life with a nurturing one made me realise that I needed help and space to talk freely about my insecurities and vulnerabilities with a safe and non-judgemental person. Faye was that. Over the course of our conversations I formed, through specific tasks and honest direct questioning, a better sense of myself. Faye's warmth and natural ability to ask just the right questions at just the right time helped me to order my thoughts and not only to realise my strengths, but to value them. After each session, I came away feeling empowered and enabled to express parts of myself I'd kept hidden. It was time I will always value. 

DSC01189 (2).JPG


uk Commissioning Editor

Take the next step...

I didn't know what to expect initially, as someone who rarely opens up to people and doesn't like talking on the phone, it was a little daunting. I am so glad I made the decision to try! Faye is very easy to talk to and made me feel comfortable straight away. I felt heard. 


Talking with Faye has enabled me to look at things from different perspectives. She gave me tools and steps to take to help clarify what's important to me, how to move forward and be confident in my decisions. Coming out of a rough year feeling lost and unhappy I knew something needed to change. Talking with Faye has helped me trust myself again and I've started to regain my confidence and strength.


The whole experience has been so positive and Faye's genuine support has really made a difference.

Thank you!!

—  India, CARDIFF

I didn't know whether Life Coaching would be for me, but I find myself looking forward to my weekly sessions.


Faye is very calming and easy to talk to with a great sense of humour and she has a firm and realistic touch when it comes to goal setting.


Life Coaching with Faye has made me look at things in a whole new light and given me the toolkit required to reach my potential. Highly recommended!


What a difference this made to my life. After initially consulting with Faye just as someone to confide in and use as a sounding board, it prompted me to make changes. Within three months of her guidance I have made significant changes and my life is undoubtedly better for it.


I now have made the changes I needed to spend more time with my children and wife, which has undoubtedly made me a better person. Cannot recommend Faye enough and will be eternally grateful for your help and guidance, as will all those closely connected to me.


Screenshot 2020-02-13 at 17.26.23.png

I came to Faye at a really difficult and overwhelming time in my life. I felt like no one was understanding me and my problems weren’t heard. Faye has changed all of that, improved my confidence, I’m happier and I am learning so much about myself. Moxie Life Coaching is fantastic and would recommend it to everyone everyday, no matter how big or small your issues are.


Faye is a pleasure to work with. She is very friendly, she doesn't judge, and is very good at getting me to see what I need to see.

I like that she emails to see how I'm doing as well as think about how she could help me through the week.


She has helped me realise there really isn't a block, only me and my thoughts!

—  Chris, London

Elizabeth Inniss




Faye is a great listener and a lovely person to speak to. She took me through some really valuable exercises and meditations to learn more about myself and to get clarity on my values and my goals. If you want to delve into your sabotages and learn why you do certain things so you can work with that (or move past it) then she's definitely your girl!

I was a little hesitant about engaging a Life Coach, I'd read a few self-help books and spoken to some very expensive career coaches and I didn't entirely buy into the typical positive thinking, personal brand type approach.


Moxie Coaching was completely different. My sessions with Faye got me through an incredibly difficult time in my professional life and helped me make the right long-term decisions for me. Although I am fortunate enough to have very supportive friends and family, the sessions with Faye allowed me to open up and explore my values, strengths and priorities without any judgement or agenda.


I now have a much clearer understanding of what I want to achieve in life and why. I am now far more confident in my relationships and decision-making because they are rooted in my core values, something that I previously struggled to understand and give proper attention to.


I can't thank Faye enough for the impact her coaching has had on me. I would highly recommend her sessions to anyone facing a personal challenge.


What's next?

I was at a point where I felt stuck after a difficult few years.  Faye helped me to reframe my story and regain positivity and energy.  She helped me to spot the gremlins in my head and put me in touch with my inner superhero.  I now have my mojo back and looking forward to a positive, energised future!



Faye helped me to believe in myself again. She helped me find the courage to do what I wanted to do, after years of putting it off.  


After becoming a mum and taking five years away from the workplace, my confidence was low. I felt overwhelmed by the possibilities and too afraid of failure to take the first steps. 


Speaking to Faye made me realise what had been stopping me; me!


I am now more aware of my inner critic, which means it’s easier to keep it in check. I know when I’m putting barriers in front of myself and the feeling of overwhelm has lifted. 


Faye helped me find my direction, and gave me the confidence to follow it.

Screenshot 2020-02-12 at 14.58.45.png

Helen Batte

freelance copywriter & blogger,


I contacted Faye at a point in my life when I felt embarrassed of the person I had become. It took me a hell of a lot of guts to open up to Faye during our first call and I was extremely nervous. She listened to what I had to say without interruption, then when she responded to how I was feeling it was met with kindness and compassion. Understanding and calmness. This was such a relief.

From that conversation onward I have worked with Faye or shall I say Faye has worked with me. I trust Faye immensely and she has been there when I have needed her. Being able to send an email when I am feeling a certain way at a certain time and it to be responded to with no judgement just makes me feel happy and safe.

I would highly recommend Faye. If you need someone to hold your hand through life's troubles she is there. She also has this unique ability to know when you need a rocket up your arse, too. She is there.
Her ability to look at things with different perspectives and to make you question old belief systems is unique and refreshing.


The only gripe I have is that I did not come across Faye ten years ago. 1 Million percent recommend Faye and her services she is worth every penny and more.

Michael Williamson

Writer & BLOGGER,



I found my Moxie Coaching experience invaluable. Faye actively listened, asked difficult questions and explored deeper meanings to reveal truths and enable me to be clear and take actions I needed to take to be true to myself.


Faye - in a word- is brilliant. I can’t recommend her coaching enough! She’s kind and measured and has a wealth of techniques and guidance to offer anyone who needs a nudge in the right direction!



I found Faye and Moxie Coaching at a time when I was pretty low. I had lots of good stuff happening in my life, but had recently realised that I was stressed out and depressed.


Faye helped me to get back on my feet and start to really find myself again. She helped me to take greater care of myself, to understand myself and the things that really motivate and energise me.


Her sessions were really enjoyable and stimulating, I always looked forward to them. At the same time, with her caring, gentle and professional approach, she was also able to challenge me.


I gained an enormous amount from her coaching and would unhesitatingly recommend her!


My sessions with Faye have been one of my most powerful experiences and honestly life changing.

Faye is an incredible listener, and I love the way she worked at my pace, but challenged me when needed. The work we did together peeled back layers which enabled the reconnection with myself so I can now move forward wholeheartedly. I have learned so much and now have my trusty toolkit as my own personal Bible!

Thank you Faye for all you've done - I'm so thankful I found you and I've really loved our sessions. I will certainly be back with more installments of My Life :-)

— Louise - Midlands

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