What to expect in Life Coaching

Life Coaching is a very personal business. These are the steps we will take on your journey to a happier way of doing life.


Initially there will be an exploratory phase in which you have to acknowledge how you are presently showing up in life. What it is about life right now that isn't working for you? How do you want things to be? The Life Coaching process will get you you to articulate what you feel your daily obstacles or challenges are. You will become more aware of the feelings, thoughts and beliefs ('scripts' or 'stories') that you are (often blindly) experiencing and living by, day-to-day.


Why is this not working for you? Who are you? What are your core values? What do you want and need in life? What's your purpose? These are the million dollar questions and not something that we will figure out overnight. Often the decisions we make will be based on an underlying value or need, so it's good to have the answers these questions to work with.


What is your role in creating this situation? How are you showing up in your relationships? This phase is a tricky customer because (I hear you say) 'it's not my fault that x, y, z! That wasn't in my control!' Newsflash! No-one has the right, nor the means, to control how you react, respond or behave. In admitting 'I am in this situation because I chose it (consciously or unconsciously)', you accept your part in how things are, including the bits that aren't really serving you anymore.


What's the truth here? Which beliefs are holding you back from action? Is what you're doing in line with your values? Once ownership has been fully accepted, this is the part where we embrace how much power we have to choose.


Who do you want to be? How do you want things to be? What are the options available to you? The world is your oyster! We stop allowing ourselves to dream because we feel the most realistic thing that will happen will be the most boring, or negative. 'If you look on the negative side you can't be disappointed!' Well I say, 'Rubbish!'... If most of the stuff we worry about doesn't actually come true, then aren't the positive, potential-full dreams we have actually more likely to happen??


Once you've decided that what you want is fully in line with your needs and values, let's set about getting it! Coaching is different to other talking therapies because it centres around taking action. The coach is a facilitator: first encouraging you to identify what changes you'd like to make, and then helping you to create positive, future-focussed and inspiring goals, breaking them down into manageable, baby steps. What are your concrete action steps going to be? How will you put change in place?

The Life Coaching process will empower you to transition from how things are now, to creating them how you want them to be.


How will you make your desired action a new, positive habit? This is the part of the process where you go off and keep living how you want, need and choose to live and we catch up in a month's time. It's an ongoing thing, to create habits that then become second nature. Like driving somewhere and not remembering how you got there, integrating habits is about getting so good at living life as the 'new and improved you' that you don't even realise you're doing it anymore.