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Hi, I'm Faye! Thank you for spending time on my website!
I am a Coach because I am passionate about helping people who, like you, don't want to use any more of their time, energy or money on things that aren't right for them. Life is too short!
My ethos is very simple - this process is all about you. If you believe deep-down that you want more and you're willing to explore what you need (and get honest with yourself!), I can help you get from where you are now to where you want to be: living a life you love.
Because my coaching is conducted via phone or video call, I have had the pleasure of working with men and women of all ages from all over the UK, South East Asia, Africa and Europe, seeing them through their process of change, resulting in them feeling more satisfied with how they're doing life.
My training is with the Co-Active® Training Institute, the largest and longest-established coach training body in the world. The Co-Active® coach training is considered the most rigorous, accredited programme available for professional coaching development and is delivered by expert coaches and supervisors. It is accredited by the International Coaching Federation.
Clients have described me as having a good sense of humour, calm, compassionate, friendly and firm but realistic with goal-setting. (You can see some of my testimonials here.) I am truly grateful for such words!
Flavour of who I am:
  • My core values are Faith and Wholeheartedness.
  • I am an ex-secondary school French teacher, recruitment consultant, team leader and all sorts more.
  • I am grateful to have explored 34 countries to date and it's my dream to add one a year!
  • I was born and bred in beautiful Norfolk, where my family all still live, bar my sister.
Most importantly, I know what's it's like to feel lost, stuck and drowning in indecision. I know that by listening to my fears, I've been trapped and have found it hard to find a way forward. I've learned (and I'm always learning) how to embrace my fears, face life head on, be vulnerable to living in authenticity and with connection, and pursue my calling of supporting other people to do the same.
Doing this work is a privilege.
If you want to stop letting your fears run you, let's get you moving towards a life fully lived.

Faye is very perceptive, wise, strategic and focused and makes me feel enthusiastic about me. 



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Birmingham, England, UK

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